“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”-Willie Nelson

Coping with depression requires a strong will and determination! It is a battle that is possible to be defeated by the way! Don’t be afraid and stop blaming yourself for everything you are feeling and everything you cannot control! I know you are tired of these noises in your head and you are asking yourself “when will all this go away?” This video could be a good sign! It is a sign that you are conscious and you are seeking help to get over depression and pain. You are about to bring some changes to your life now! Let’s make a vow to cooperate and work so hard despite the pain and breakdowns that we can kick out anxiety. We’d walk this road together and do our best to stop worrying about things that we cannot control or handle! We are going to manage our anger and we’ll practice thinking positively from now on! You need to accept the fact that life would surprise you a lot indeed. I know that the fact that nothing is guaranteed is quite threatening. In other words, no one knows what exactly is going to happen in the next couple of minutes. Even if you guess, your guessing turns out to be a mere assumption that has nothing to do with reality most of the time. That is why the rate of disappointed people is getting higher every minute. Expectations are so tricky but don’t fret! We are human beings and we get easily manipulated and affected by words and situations. We get hurt, our hearts may ache, yet we could still experience moments of joy and laughter. It just depends on the situations and people we encounter in our lives.  Sometimes one minute you are excited about something and all of a sudden something else happens that shuts you off completely and makes you lose interest in whatever you were thrilled about. Don’t be shocked! You only need to reconcile with life’s unexpected ups and downs. You need to understand that this is how life functions. It is a mixture of good and bad, and that’s what makes it balanced and normal. We should be aware of the fact that many things could go wrong and opposite to what we wish for. However, this should not make us lose hope, lose our spark, lament our fates or isolate ourselves! No! Instead, we should try to keep a positive and an understanding attitude towards whatever is irritating us or is causing us dissatisfaction. We can do that by understanding that whatever that’s letting us down now is only temporary. It wouldn’t last forever, yes, it will take its time, but then it will be gone, and something else will make us forget about it completely.

We need to be calm and wise while taking decisions and making choices. We need to stop rushing things or forcing things to happen. Impatience is what causes us much distress, so we need to learn how to wait properly and be constraint. In other words, Let us respect the element of time. It’s okay to endure a lot and bear the pain of waiting if you have a target, because at the end you’ll realize that the goal you are chasing is definitely worth your endurance and perseverance. You are probably going to go through many different and tough situations in life that could overwhelm you; and maybe those struggles would bring you down and make you feel exhausted, bored, fed up and on the verge of breaking down or giving up. But, remember that your goal is worth all of your efforts and when you see the fruit of your hard work and perseverance, you are going to feel accomplished, self-fulfilled, proud and happy. Aren’t these emotions too good to be true? Aren’t these feelings of success worth fighting for? Wanting to survive and win at life is an instinct that not only human beings are born with, but every creature too.

There will be storms one way or another and whether we like it or not, now all you got to do is to hold on, never lose hope, stay focused and face your problems. Be prepared with your positive vibes whenever things get hard. “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow.” Robert Tew

Remember that you are not the only one fighting ferocious battles. Everyone else is, and you never know how lucky you are until you hear other people’s tragic problems. So, Accept more, understand more, forgive more, give excuses, listen to others, do not judge, give space to people when they want it, respect differences and be kind. Be kind to others, but also be kind to yourself because you deserve all the kindness in the world and deserve to be pampered as well. When happiness comes from within you, never worry about someone else letting you down. You will know how to stand up for yourself again because you set yourself a priority.

As long as we are living, we will go through a lot; so we may as well enjoy ourselves and our company. Why don’t we make it easier for everyone to feel embraced, loved and accepted? Why don’t we meet life’s surprises with a strong will that wouldn’t be broken by whatever disappointment? It is okay to struggle, and be sure that after all this struggle; you will be rewarded with happiness and peace. Keep going on. You can get over any dilemma and cross it out forever. You are destined to make this world a better place. Your strength of will can make you do anything just to feel good and proud of yourself. Always remember, you can and you will. Life is not always going to be unfair to you; it will also give you many sweet and happy moments and experiences that will be a good turning point in your life. If you believe in the law of attraction, then what a wonderful idea would it be to think positive and be optimistic in order to attract everything that is cheerful and great! Definitely your optimism will pay off and life will surprise you with all the beauty that it has to offer just because you did not give up and chose to move on. At the end, allow yourself to take a break from whatever is hurting you and always believe that the best is yet to come. We need to learn to give ourselves enough credit for overcoming things and trying to become better versions of ourselves! Like you made it this far…Celebrate your strength!