I saw one of the lessons that people were saying about how this may be the new normal for awhile. But there are many of those out there right now that have been experiencing quarantine (isolation) even before Covid 19. For many non pain people, they are staying at home and living the life of less social interaction, and this may be happening for a few more weeks or a couple more months. This, of course, all depends on where you are located.

If you look closely and include the chronic pain population, we have been experiencing isolation. I know I have been staying at home and living the life of being less social, unable to see family and friends, and not being able to drive to visit during the holidays and birthdays. It saddens me to think that now this is something of a huge deal, but there are many chronic pain and chronic illness people that have experienced isolation before Covid 19.

When Covid 19 happened, I finally felt like I was not alone. This transition of isolation was not any different from what I have been experiencing. For 19 months now, I still have not been able to travel freely without pain. I have not been able to just make plans and follow through. I have not been able to drive up five hours North to visit with family and friends without pain. I am not viewing this as a fun time. Every time I have traveled or driven far, I have anxiety and severe pain. This is not fun at all.

People who experience pain have to stay home to rest and constantly put their health number one. Many of those dealing with Covid who are not in pain, feel anxious and fear the future. This is finally happening and this is so new to them. I have been feeling anxious and dealing with pain way before Covid for 19 months. I wish I could say I had fun and that my time before Covid was easy, but it has been the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. Chronic pain is one of the hardest things ever. If I did not have pain and Covid happened, it would be so easy to deal with the isolation. It would be a piece of cake.

Many people currently are hopeful for these times of trouble. I have been having hope for this time of trouble for 19 months, before Covid, since my car accident. Many non pain suffers will be able to return to their jobs and have a normal way of life. Chronic pain and chronic illness sufferers will not be able to return to their jobs and have a normal way of life. They will still suffer (until they recover, if they ever do).

My hope is that non pain sufferers experiencing quarantine will understand that there are others hurting even before Covid. I hope that chronic pain and chronic illness suffers can be heard and have a voice during this so called Covid 19 quarantine situation. For most chronic pain and chronic illness suffers, there is no real Covid 19 quarantine. We have already need dealing with this already…

Thanks for reading!