This is my first post!

I worry about how this new website is going to look like. But I am publishing tonight whether I like it or not. This new blog will be called Sarah Chicharro’s Blog. I already have a name. Yes, I am overwhelmed but it will be okay.

Why do this?

What’s up! Let me introduce myself first. I’m Sarah and I’m ADDICTED in creating content on Youtube and on this Blog site that will leave you INSPIRED!!! Most of all, I do enjoy blogging and mainly talking about chronic pain.

In order to understand my life, I was in a car accident in 11/2018 that completely changed my life. My struggle with chronic pain has lead me to you.

Chronic pain has affected my physical, mental, and social well being. I attend PT 2x, several doctor appointments, massage, & therapist every week.

I started a Youtube channel –> My goal is to make serious, fun and entertaining content three times a week for you.

Main Topics: Chronic Pain, Depression, Vlogs, and Product Reviews!

Subtopics: LGBTQ, Mukbangs, Holidays, and Travel Destinations!

When I am not Youtubing, I’ve built this online blog to write to you. ☀️

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

Do you have chronic pain?

What about depression?

So… go at it. Subscribe here. This is a start of a new journey!