This resonates with me so much. People have no idea what it feels like to lose your job after studying and working years and years and then you get in a car accident that is not your fault and you can’t do what you thought you were meant to do. I won’t ever be able to work at the hospital as a Registered Nurse because of daily chronic pain. As a Nurse Practitioner student, I never thought that I would do this; it was a lot sooner than I expected. What I was expecting was to work longer as a Registered Nurse before I go into becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Becoming a healthcare provider is a huge responsibility. Getting accepted into Georgetown University where only 14% of applicants get accepted is a dream come true. As a future Nurse Practitioner, the good thing is I won’t ever have to lift or carry patients; that would be good for my pain. God led me to a a bigger and better plan. This was a whole lot sooner than what I expected. As a future Nurse Practitioner, I can work from home and do telehealth. My car accident was a blessing in disguise and I have a YouTube channel that’s growing. I have almost 4,500 subscribers. I have a new goal for my YouTube channel. I have a team working for me now and we are organizing some things before I start this next YouTube channel chapter. As my YT channel evolves, my videos evolve too. My videos will continue to inspire and motivate other people that suffer from chronic pain or depression, or anyone that needs help. In a couple weeks, there will be new videos. Stay tuned! Be safe and talk soon!