Hey hey, I said on the other side of the phone line.

Grandma was unsure who this was.

I said “Grandma, it is Sarah.”

She was so happy to hear from me. She said there was nothing to do at the hospital and that she did not have her cell phone or anything.

I have not spoken to my Grandma for possibly ten years or more. I am not very close with my extended family. The only family I basically speak to every week are my parents and siblings. Cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandmas, do not talk at all, rarely ever, and I never met my Grandpas because they got killed before I was born.

I am excited to talk to my Grandma because it has been so long. Her voice felt calming and captured my presence. I remember as a child, staying at her house, and sleeping over. I learned that in the distance she had a couple handguns in her home. I remember her old traditional ways of telling me about how to act like a lady. That part I did not really care for but I did respect the fact that she was elderly and had more experiences then I ever have.

“You are all grown.” she said. I told her that I was a Registered Nurse. She said, “Oh yes I know.” I told her I have a home and a dog and cat. I told her that I plan on selling my house and buying a home in Texas or Florida. She immediately said, “Why?” I told her briefly how I wanted warm weather and disliked the rain and cold. Her response was “I do not blame you. I would too.”

We went on and on. She told me how she had cook offs during the nice warm weather seasons. I told her how I want that so badly. She said you can have friends over and have a good time together. Grandma understood my lifestyle. That was exactly what I was thinking about.

It is fasinating to learn that in 2001, my Grandma experienced a severe fall accident at work that changed her life. Her back had surgery, her spine was compressed and her nerve died, and it was never the same. Her leg had not been able to move the way it used to. Also, she deals with chronic pain and has a tough time coping with the injury. She said, “It has been 19 years since that day!”

At this moment she got me thinking about my car accident. I did not tell her about my situation but I was thinking about how awful one incident can change someone’s life. The situation was not her fault and either was the car accident for mer. We share this similarity that I had no idea existed before.

She was in the hospital because she had been suffering with COPD and pneumonia. She needed extra support and care. She hopes to get discharged from the hospital tomorrow.

She has been on 5L 02 and was on 2L before. She has been needing more oxygen. I fear she will be on hospice in the near future. I tried to get my Grandma’s cell phone number so I can speak to her at a different time. I have not gotten the number yet but I will.

Thanks for reading!