I have started taking birth control because I am going to do egg retrieval. But when taking birth control, there are mental health side effects that can occur, including mood swings, depression, and increased feelings of nervousness or anxiety.

Has the birth control affected my mental state? I do not think so. At least not yet. I only have to take birth control for 3 weeks total. It may not affect me too much because I am taking it short term. I do know that it has affected my sleepiness. I have noticed that I am so tired, that I pass out.

I am not someone who passes out while watching tv especially when I had six hours of sleep and had a day off, dealing with pain and needing to rest. Yesterday…Well I did pass out while watching an intense show.

I know if I have to take birth control for a longer amount of time, I would probably be having worse depression. I know that for a fact. I am glad I am only taking birth control for 3 weeks. No more than that.

Thanks for reading!!