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    How to Support Your Partner with Depression and Anxiety (Uncovered)

    About this Video: In this video, Sarah Chicharro talks about her How to Support Your Partner with Depression and Anxiety (Uncovered). Her mental health was affected by a severe car accident and she is taking Prozac for depression (Fluoxetine). She hopes this video can provide value in your life. *****🔴Looking for Deal on anything Pride? 👉🏼Pride Shack: https://tinyurl.com/tsefxmz 🔴Want to Start your Own Website? 👉🏼Only $3.95/mo with Blue Host: https://tinyurl.com/v7oygxf 👉🏼Only $2.75/mo with HostGator: https://tinyurl.com/sjo2sts 🔴Want to personalize your finances: invest, borrow, spend, automate, and optimize- all in one sleek platform? 👉🏼M1 Finance: https://tinyurl.com/rf5yfuy 🔴10% OFF of CBD Products (Coupon Code: PainFree7) 👉🏼CBD Hut: https://tinyurl.com/y8kmttpr 🔴Save up to 70% on…

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    7 Things Only Someone with Chronic Pain Would Understand

    Everyday the pain is different – All of a sudden you live in an adventure. A different world. Sometimes it feels like I am living a nightmare everyday. I just never know how much pain I will have when I wake up. During my day, the pain fluctuates; makes it so bad to even function and do everyday activities like normal people do. Of course, the more physical and active I am, the more pain I endure. People do not seem to understand what “chronic” means – Chronic means long lasting, truly forever. You cannot just feel better the next day. I have friends tell me, “I hope you feel…

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    Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Become My Patron

    #1 Patron Recognition – Fans who are my patrons will be recognized first and foremost. Being a patron takes courage and leadership to help support awareness into the community. #2 Helping those in the chronic pain community – There are needs for chronic pain awareness because 50 million Americans experience chronic pain. That’s 21% of the Americans population. Worldwide, 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain. #3 Providing suicide awareness – Depression affects 15 million people. That’s 7% of USAs population! Worldwide, 264 million people are affected with depression. In fact, 123 Americans die each day from suicide and the suicide rates are increasing yearly.