I got a phone call.

A therapist called and said, “Hi, is this Sarah? This is Rick your therapist.”

I said, “Hey, this is she!”

Then he suddenly said, “I will call you back and Facetime you. I know we agreed to that. Is that okay?”

I said, “Yes, that is perfectly fine.”

Minutes later, Rick Facetimed me.

Today I had my first therapy consultation with my new therapist “Rick.” This consultation appointment was basically a conversation about my insurance, current situation, some history, my background, and going over paperwork agreement. In the first few minutes, I can tell that he was personable and kind. He was a teacher for 20 years before doing therapy. He got into his own life story and spoke about his passion for therapy. In the meantime, he started to ask me all these personal questions.

It is difficult to open up to someone, a stranger, let alone a therapist. I have had a few therapist during this hardship of my car accident, chronic pain, and depression, but I wanted to tweak a few things. I have never had a male therapist and I have dealt with female therapist before, and they do not seem to work well for me. In order to have different results, you must change the process. Men are more logical and want to fix problems. Of course this is just generalizing and not completely true because many women I know are logical and want to fix problems. I just have not found one female therapist who is like this. I need to give this a go and try something new.

Talking to a Licensed Professional Counselor is not an easy thing to do. It takes courage and willingness to open up to a complete stranger. I have hope that I have a good connection with Rick. He has been practicing for eight years and has a good sense of how to help people with anxiety and depression. He also provides treatment for those dealing with anger management (angry outbursts). What is great is he accepts insurance unlike the other one I almost went with. But what is even better is he knows of chronic pain and how it affects the person as a whole. He even said himself that most people do not understand chronic pain because it is an invisible process. It is difficult to talk to family and friends about chronic pain if they do not experience it themselves.

Due to the Covid 19 conditions, therapy will not take place in a room or office like environment. Counseling will be placed in my very own environment at home. This is very convenient for a few *reasons:

  1. No driving 20-25 minutes away. This is a far distance considering I am dealing with chronic pain.
  2. I can be in the comfort of my own home. I can wear pajamas (or anything comfortable), even no makeup.
  3. We will use Facetime to communicate with each other. This makes it easier to open up.

*These reasons are personally my own, not sponsored, and should not be taken seriously. Everyone has their own definition for something being convenient.

Remember when I tried Betterhelp? Well I think this method through Facetiming will be better. I will find out more in the next couple weeks.

Thanks for reading!