Dear fans, family, and friends,

I want you to know the reasons behind this Facebook Fan page. This page is to bring awareness about chronic pain and chronic illness, as well as mental health of depression and anxiety. However, those that experience chronic pain and chronic illness can make one’s day long and exhausting, affecting every single part of their life, causing most chronic pain sufferers to endure from mental health and suicide.

For many, chronic pain is usually invisible. We walk and talk like “normal” people. Sometimes we walk slower. Sometimes we need to sit more often. For others, we may have to lay down and rest for hours to recharge. Many are unable to play sports like us used to. We lost friendships because we lost our own self in this process, not being able to have “fun.” Most of us are unable to drink alcohol due taking strong pain medications or other required medications. Many of us have lost our full time jobs and life passions, forcing us to redefine ourselves. Some sufferers, their pain shows. Which is better and which is worse? It doesn’t really matter.

If you know someone who is living with chronic, ongoing pain or a mental health condition, please refer them to this fan page for support. It doesn’t matter what type of pain it is, how severe it is, or how long it’s lasted. Each person’s chronic pain experience is unique and needs to be recognized. This page could even save their life.

You are not alone. I get daily DMs everyday from people on all walks of life, all around the world, telling me their story. Many have questions or need advice on how to continue living their life. Chronic pain is one of the toughest things anyone will ever go through. I know and that is reasons my DMs are always open for a chat and for some inspiration. Of course, this is why I have my Youtube channel at:, to help and support those who suffer everyday.

To conclude, be gentle to yourself and kind to others.

*Below is a graph distinguishing the mind of a healthy person vs the mind of a chronic pain sufferer.

Sarah Chicharro