I hope that everybody sees how important your health is. I had to re-prioritize my life to only what was necessary. You realize what are the most important things in life when a tragedy happens. I learned that most things on Earth are not essential. When I take a look around, I notice beauty shops, cinemas, shopping malls, and other various companies and stores that are not essential for your health or even your life. As a Chronic Pain suffer, I had to learn to live without these things. Some places are essential; grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics, they have a purpose for all. Honestly, these are the only places I have visited since my car accident. Oh and don’t forget the car! You need maintenance on your car!

I am sure many people who are not in constant pain are wondering when they will get their hair styled, or when they will go on their next vacation. We have to keep in mind that these things are a luxury and not a need. Not everyone is blessed to do these things. As a chronic pain sufferer, I am unable to travel. Well, I can but the pain is unbearable so my body needs what is best and that is to stay home and rest. I did try and travel once and that was a disaster. I felt like I was not even enjoying myself and the constant pain was in the way.

The majority of people are living without the non-important things like I have already mentioned, stores like shopping malls, libraries, etc. I am not going to say that a chronic pain suffer will not go to the library though because I’m sure that is possible and this all depends on your health. As a chronic pain suffer, I would probably only be able to walk around the library as funny as that sounds and not be able to sit down and actually read a book because of the pain.

It is sad to see that non-pain suffers are unable to do the things they used to. What is even more sad is the inability to do anything when you are a Chronic Pain suffer. The media displays normal society as non-pain people and there are so many articles online currently that display and explain how to survive isolation. This would be very ironic for me to read. And yes, I have taken my time to read such articles and have my own thoughts on these. Of course, I think about how unfair it is for people that are dealing with the corona virus but you have to admit, they have all these resources that are available to them. When I got into my car accident, I had no one to turn to but my partner and she is pain-free. Imagine a chronic pain sufferer trying to explain what pain feels like to a non-pain person. It took me some time to realize that there are chronic pain support groups online especially on Facebook and blogs. I did not know that those kinds of things existed but they do. I am glad they exist because I have the ability to reach out and help those to understand what chronic pain feels like.

The Coronavirus is causing limitations to normal people that I have experienced for the last 17 months and many others will experience for the rest of their lives. The limitations are teaching so many people around the world. I believe pain free people are mostly affected by this because it is new and bringing challenges they have never had. Being suddenly isolated can be terrifying. To some people not being able to attend a concert is tragic. As a chronic pain sufferer, I have been isolated for 17 months now and can say it is challenging but you will learn how to adapt. Humans are the most adaptable to change. I cannot remember the last time I snowboarded. Snowboarding is my ultimate favorite fun sport and I have not been able to do it. Instead, I have redefined myself and learned new things that fits within the limits. Welcome to my life. I hope you are making the most of it. With love, Sarah Chicharro

Thank you for reading!