This is crazy, so many are getting unemployment after losing their jobs because of Covid 19 situation. I wish they knew what it was like to lose a job over chronic pain but receiving no unemployment. Imagine making a Registered Nurse income and then having none. Many unemployed people right now are freaking out and that is understandable, but they need to continue to count their blessings.

After I lost my job as a Pediatric Registered Nurse, I was devastated. I did not know what was going to happen. Everyday, I was hurt and scared. I know those on unemployment right now are hurt and scared too. I completely understand what that feeling was like. One huge difference though is people in the Covid 19 situation are receiving unemployment. I honestly do not think they know the possibility of what it is like to have chronic pain and then lose their job and not receive any payment of employment. If they knew this happens to many people who experience chronic pain or chronic illness, they would be blown away.

It is shocking to know that people who are getting unemployment are acting ungrateful. They have it so good compared to those who have dealt with losing their jobs over chronic pain or chronic illness. Some of us cannot get social security or disability, let alone any kind of unemployment. It is so difficult for any help because chronic pain is considered the invisible illness. Having chronic pain is still the hardest thing ever because it is difficult to work, make an income, and let alone, do fun things, and spend time with family and friends. Pain everyday affects every part of your life.