Wait, before you start asking questions, I first want to say that the Coronavirus has not affected me at all. Wait, what? I do not have an immuno-compromised system. But those with chronic illnesses and who are considered elderly, infants, and are immuno-compromised are all at risk for getting the Coronavirus. Ok, let us start to what I am getting at.

Since we understand this basic concept, I hope what I am about to say next… does not shock you. The Coronavirus is similar to chronic pain. Yes you heard me. Why? People who are scared of getting the Coronavirus are isolating themselves from the public, they are upset that sporting events have been cancelled, and they are upset that they cannot do the same activities that they could do before the virus started to spread. They are shocked that they cannot travel! And children are being dismissed from school. Similar to chronic pain, chronic pain sufferers (CPS) isolate themselves from the public, they have to redefine themselves on what they are capable of doing physically wise. Chronic pain sufferers are unable to travel and they would not want to attend school due to constant pain.

Before the Coronavirus, I was isolating myself from the public, but not on purpose. When someone has chronic pain they tend to shift away because some friends and family members do not like to hangout at home with a CPS (chronic pain suffer). It is not fun for them. They rather go do something exciting and partly because most people are selfish. I have definitely seen who is truly there for me and who is not. This is a great test of relationships. But let us get back to what we were talking about, all the things that I am unable to do even before the Coronavirus started.

I am unable to have normal fun with family and friends. We already talked about that part. Not only am I unable to travel, but I could not for the holidays to see my friends and family. I cannot just go to a sporting event and drink beer with the crowd because of all the medications that I have been taking. Many medications do not mix well with alcohol.

This Coronavirus life changing event has NOT been life changing for me at all. I have already been living this way for 17 months. Yes I could put myself at risk and travel anyways, and endure the pain but I rather not. I do not want to suffer. I hate having pain and having pain that continues to increase. Just like a pain free person traveling and risking and contracting the Coronavirus. They probably rather not take that risk and suffer that way as well.

Both these situations are very similar but they are not the same exact thing. The only difference is there is a possibility of the Coronavirus disappearing and all the pain free people can go about their life and continue the way they were even before the Coronavirus started. Chronic pain sufferers cannot go back to their normal lives. We suffer every hour of every day. Just the thought that some pain free people have to get a taste for what chronic pain feels like is a really good thing. I know by this world wide situation, I am not missing a thing.

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