We finally did it! Egg retrieval procedure. We are still waiting on results of which ones end up embryos. We find out in two days, on Monday. This is a nerve wrecking situation but what is worse was having to wait for almost two years before even starting this process because of a life changing tragedy.

I remember two weeks before my car accident. It changed everything…

On October 16th, 2018 my fiance and I were at OHSU Fertility getting started on beginning our In Vitro Fertilization journey (IVF Journey). We were so excited and took pictures of the 10th floor view of Portland city. The view hospital amazed us. The trans-vaginal ultrasound appointment, genetic counseling appointment, and financial advisor appointment all went terrific! We really thought this was going to happen for us but a couple weeks later, our lives took a turn for the worse. It was unexpected and could happen to anyone.

I was t-boned on November 1st, 2018 by an unaware driver that did not yield their yellow light, possibly intoxicated and never proven. My car accident stopped our IVF journey from continuing and this really put us in the worst place. Financially I was spending all of my Registered Nurse income towards the car accident. There were endless weekly amounts of doctor appointments, evaluations, and imaging of Xrays and MRIs. I was dealing with depression and would cry 4-5 days per week.

For the next 20 months, I would be suffering from chronic pain and depression, dealing with one of the worst situations of all time.

OHSU was aware of this car accident and suggested to wait until I was feeling better. They made a point to not continue our IVF journey due to the amounts of imaging X-rays and MRIs, doctor appointments, and taking 30-40mg of narcotics daily for pain relief. This caused our relationship to be in a tough place.

The car accident was not even my fault. I had to deal with all of this pain and trying to start a family via IVF was not even possible. We felt we had experienced a loss. It felt like losing a child. I could not tell you how many times I have mourned over this without my fiance knowing. On the other hand, she also cried over this often. It not only affected our relationship, it hurt ourselves.

One of the biggest goals in our life as a couple is to start a family. This car accident changed me but there was a point where I did not want to not try. We decided to continue the IVF journey twenty months after my car accident. This was right after Covid pandemic.

As far as my car accident, I still had a few doctor appointments per month, imaging every 6 months, and took 10-20mg narotics per day. I knew I had to put up with more pain in order to go through egg retrieval. I had to sacrifice. In fact, if I compared the pain from egg retrieval and all the pain from my car accident, my neck, back, and nerve pain from my car accident was ten times worse than egg retrieval. There was no comparison. The egg retrieval was barely any pain for me. Later, we found out according to our fertility doctors that narcotics do not affect egg quality. We were relieved but I wanted to take less narcotics daily anyways.

Believe it our not, but my car accident and all the physical pain from it prepared me for egg retrieval. Egg retrieval is much more emotional than anything. Right now, we know we have three fertilized eggs. Three fertilized eggs that could possibly be our babies. We know more could die but we hope that they all survive. This is possible and I believe so. I have experienced so much suffering and believe that there has to be a good ending.

Monday we find out how many embryos we have… stay tune to find out!

Thanks for reading!