Friendships become tested when you have chronic pain. You realize who are really there and who do not care.

On the day of my car accident, all my friends reached out to me. They showed extreme care and made sure I was still alive.

Friendships start to disappear as time goes by though. Chronic pain has led me to isolation and with this, I have been unable to drink alcohol and have fun like I used to with friends. This makes friends not want to be around. Obviously they only wanted to be there during the fun times, not the hard times. I would not want their friendship anyways.

This year 2020, I have had the least contact with friends. I noticed they only contact me when I contact them. When you have chronic pain, it is true to see friendships end. On another note, I have created friendships around the world who experience chronic pain and chronic illness. Those are the type of people who truly understand my situation and show me compassion.

Dear Friends, we need to talk. Friendship means being there for someone when they are going through rough times, not just fun times. If you cannot be a true friend, I do not want you around at all.

It is never a good feeling to feel forgotten and unimportant. But what is worse is only having friends who want to have fun with you and not be there for you during tough times. I am grateful to realize who are my real friends through this chronic pain period of my life. I thank every single person out there who has shown me they care.

I do see all the good friends that I still have. The ones that have not been around to care, I have already said goodbye. Hello to those friends who have shown me compassion, support, and care. We have a lot to talk about.

Thanks for reading!