Wow, I cannot believe I am doing this. I never thought in a million years that I would become a Covid-19 Triage Travel Registered Nurse. At first I was hesitate. This is because I deal with chronic pain and depression. How am I able to give and help someone else if I need the help myself? Well I got to thinking about why I need to help anyways, regardless of my situation. There are so many people out there right now barely surviving and suffering.

I was not even looking for a job. I was taking a break from being a Pediatric Registered Nurse so I can recover and use this time to heal from my car accident 18 months ago. You never know what will happen. I think I was meant to do this Covid-19 job and it was all lined up just for me. It is not an coincidence. None of this is. Things do not just happen. This happened so I can make a difference out there. Who else would put there life on the line for others? I am the exact type who would. I would. I am meant to put my life on the front lines and help others. That is what I do best. There is not many people that would do this. It takes bravery and courage.

Let me tell you how this job position opened up for me…

The recruiter randomly messaged me on Linkedin and said: Hi Sarah, I hope this finds you well! I was hoping to connect with you in order to do a little networking. We currently have a need for a Registered Nurse to assist with COVID-19 screenings at Providence. This is all full-time temporary position (Monday – Friday, dayshift), lasting approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Would you happen to know of anyone available for work at this time? I’d be happy to speak with anyone who is interested or might like more information. Just let me know! Regards, Jennifer.

It took me days to respond. I did not know what to say. I was trying to think of all the nurses that I know. All I knew was I knew no other nurse that would do this because they already had full time RN positions. This email was meant for me. My gut and energy force was telling me this. As crazy as this sounds, I wrote back and said: I would definitely be interested. What are the hours to this? Could do part time if that is possible 馃榿 Thanks, Sarah.

She replied quickly with: Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for your response! Unfortunately they are seeking a nurse to work Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm. If that changes and they can consider someone part-time, I will definitely let you know! Regards, Jennifer.

At this point, I did not respond. There was really no point to respond because I would not be able to work full time anyways. I have severe chronic neck pain. There just would be a nooooo way! I really did not know what I was thinking getting involved with even thinking about starting a new position. It cannot be full time. It would have to be part time. That is the only way.

Before I thought everything was done and over with, I got another email from her the next day.. She wrote: Hi Sarah, We just received word that the manager can consider part-time nurses! Would you have a few minutes to further discuss? Let me know if we can set up a time to talk, or feel free to call me directly at 925-200-8624 Thank you! Regards, Jennifer.

As I read this, I was SHOCKED! Really, at this point, I knew this job was speaking to me strongly. I knew I wouldn’t be able to pass up an opportunity like this. Not only does it work with my needs, I knew the opportunity to help with this Covid-19 situation would be a special kind of position. I know part time would be a lot more doable than full time.

I immediately responded back: Hi Jennifer, I did call you. I am definitely interested. What will my PPE look like? Call me back 000-000-0000. Can鈥檛 wait to hear from you! Sarah.

I did not hear from the recruiter within three days. I was confused. I was kind of worried and relived at the same time. Did they hire someone else? Did they decide to change their mind? All of this questions were running through my head. Maybe I needed to focus on continuing physical therapy and healing. Perhaps working even part time would not be a good idea. Yet, in the back of my mind, my gut was telling me that this kind of opportunity is rare.

Then suddenly, she wrote: Hi Sarah, Apologies for the delay – yes, the position is still open! I will try to give you a call shortly. I am working on trying to put a schedule together as I wanted to be able to have that ready before I called you. 馃檪 Thank you! Regards, Jennifer.

My last email to her said: Yes I am excited to hear from you. I am available and will wait for your call!

On April 6th, 2020 my recruiter called me. From that day forth, I had to collect all this information and acquire these tests:

路       CPR card

路       Measles, Mumps, rubella and Varicella proof of vaccination OR titers

路       Physical- 1 year prior to start date

路       Latex Screening (attached)

路       Annual Quantiferon Gold TB or PPD required within 90 days of start date

路       Driver鈥檚 License or photo ID

路       Job Description signed (attached)

路       TDAP vaccination or titer (or declination attached)

路       Flu shot  

路       Hep B vaccination or declination (attached)

路       10 panel drug screening

That is a lot to complete before a nurse successfully achieves a registered nurse position. But I did it. I did it all and finally completed every single thing on that list. I literally got all this stuff done as quick as I could. An opportunity like this does not just come whenever.

I start my travel nurse position April 20th, 2020.

To be continued…