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Hey you! It’s so good & heartwarming to see you here! I’m Sarah Chicharro. Let me tell you my survival story which has inspired me grow to become where I am now in life. I was T-boned in a tragic car accident on 11/1/2018 that turned my whole life upside down and changed it completely. Despite the painful experience, I admit that it helped me become a better version of myself. It’s not easy to fight chronic pain and depression, and expect to win all of the time, but at least one should give it a try and hold onto every glimpse of hope! So, my ultimate goal is to make a positive impact for you because dealing with chronic pain &/or depression is NOT easy. I get it. I want you to know that you are not alone. I hope my words in my videos help you too, to help you find your courage and strength to keep on moving forth! You too, can live a valuable life. Although it is a battle each day, I still fight and conquer each moment. I found my reason “why” for being here. I am studying to become a Nurse Practitioner (Clinician) and hope with this, I can inspire you along the way.

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