Aside from the trauma, one of the aftermaths of a car accident is the physical pain that the victim feels even after the accident. Some of them can experience chronic pain that could last for years, but that should not stop the person to keep on fighting. Sounding like from a painkiller ad, pain should not stop someone from enjoying the better things in life.


What is a Chronic Pain?

Before we proceed with some tips on pain management, let us know first what is chronic pain. People can feel different kinds of physical pain every day, but it will be considered chronic pain if it lasts for more than 12 weeks. There is no assurance that a person will feel better sooner when he or she is considered to experience chronic pain. Worst comes to worst, some may even be given a maintenance medicine to assist in pain management for a longer period of time.

Some car accident victims can experience chronic pain that could last for years, but that should not stop the person to keep on fighting. Hope this article may help in dealing and living with chronic pain brought by the accident.



This guide will not be able to give you the best medication for the pain that you feel, but it can remind you of how important medications are in managing chronic pain. Always follow the proper dosage and timing indicated by your healthcare assistant or provider. Remember that they are medical professionals who understand your condition better than anyone else. Never forget or skip on them, your current condition may get worst instead of being cured.

In case you would like to take some food supplements, always check with your healthcare provider to see if it will be effective for you or if it has a direct effect on your treatment. Don’t just join the bandwagon when you see an ad about pain management. Remember that not all patients are the same, medications may differ especially to those who have a pre-existing medical condition before the car accident.



When faced with pain, some people turn their attention to eating and drinking. Especially if under medication, it is necessary to follow a certain diet to make the treatment more effective. You have to stop consuming any food or drink that has a direct effect on the drugs you are taking.

Some may be required to have physical therapy in order to feel much better or to get back to normal life. It would be better to reduce some weight if you are on the heavier side. Reducing weight does not necessarily mean eating a lot less, but changing food choices to better ones. You should not deprive yourself of great foods too – just unleash your creativity when it comes to food substitution. For example, if you are craving ice cream, switch to a low-fat Greek yogurt and add fruits for flavor.

You can also try the calorie counting technique, where you only take the recommended amount of calories you need for the whole day. A lot of online calculators are available on the internet which can help you in knowing the right amount. Just like any other diet, consult a healthcare provider first before proceeding.


Physical Therapy

Some car accident victims are required to get physical therapy to correct the internal damage (most likely the bones) done by the accident. It would help if you treat every session as an opportunity to feel better in the shortest time possible. Instead of focusing on the pain, appreciate any kind of progress that you make. Small progress leads to bigger ones if you keep on pushing yourself to do better in every session.

There are a lot of videos circulating online of how chiropractors provide a quick remedy to those who feel pain. However, it is important to note that not all conditions can be ‘corrected’ by a chiropractor. They usually focus on the manual adjustment of the spine and neuromuscular disorders. It is better to set an appointment with a chiropractor to see if they can help you with your condition. Most chiropractors have high professional fees compared to other healthcare providers, but remind yourself that the comfort you feel without any pain is not equivalent to any amount of money.


Moving Forward

If you are the driver when the car accident happened, blaming yourself for the loss or damage does not change the fact that it already did. The only option left is to move forward together with the pain.

Moving forward can help you fight the pain psychologically by living a normal life like it didn’t happen. Chronic pain is sometimes too hard to ignore because of the high level of pain that someone could feel. Focus more on activities that can make you forget about the pain, such as having a mind-boggling puzzle or doing your hobby. Even a simple activity of watching a TV series in one go can help you feel like you are living a normal life.



It does not matter whatever religion you are practicing, as long as you are looking up to a higher being that you truly believe and feel that can help you get through the bad times. It could be sad hearing this, but if you are the only survivor of a car accident, believing beyond what the eyes can see will help you feel that someone is there to guide you in your new life.

Prayer can be a very powerful ‘treatment’ in managing pain.

The effect of being in a car accident is not easy, especially with the physical and emotional pain that the victim feels. If you were able to survive, consider this as your second life and see it as an opportunity to live a better life. Use it as a motivation to keep on living despite what you have experienced. It may be easier said than done, but it is truly possible.


Thank you friends, Sarah