• Everyday the pain is different –

All of a sudden you live in an adventure. A different world. Sometimes it feels like I am living a nightmare everyday. I just never know how much pain I will have when I wake up. During my day, the pain fluctuates; makes it so bad to even function and do everyday activities like normal people do. Of course, the more physical and active I am, the more pain I endure.

  • People do not seem to understand what “chronic” means –

Chronic means long lasting, truly forever. You cannot just feel better the next day. I have friends tell me, “I hope you feel better soon!” Next time you want to know what chronic means, look it up in the dictionary. Awesome, thanks.

  • People are always trying to ask me if I have tried.. blank –

I find friends and family trying to come up with new ideas to help me. I know people mean well and want to help and I totally understand that, but you see… it just does not work like that. I see many health professionals for help and do a lot of research myself. I know and I have tried everything.

  • Most days are challenging –

I want to play on the PS4 and play my favorite game FF7 remake. I can only play for less than an hour at a time. Pain takes over and I am paying for nerve pain for 7-8 hours after that. Crazy to believe such things but it is true. Working as a registered nurse, doing house chores, and playing with my Lotus dog are all so challenging for me. Once the pain becomes severe, I have to stop, either go home, and not do anything but focus on trying to lessen the pain with pain medications, patches, heat, ice, oh you name it! My day consists of pain interventions. I wish I could focus on thinking about what movie I want to watch next or who I would like to hangout with this Friday night. All that goes out the window. I cannot.

  • People without pain do not understand –

There is a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to learning and knowing about pain. Myths like young people should not be experiencing chronic pain or taking strong pain medications leads to drug addiction. All of these things are not based on truth. This is why I started my own Youtube channel and WP blog to educate others about chronic pain sufferers and depression. I want to show you what chronic pain really looks like. I know 99.9% of chronic pain and chronic illness sufferers understand me completely. Before I had any chronic pain, I did not understand pain either. It is okay to not know this. I never thought in a million years that it would affect every aspect of my life. This takes us to the next concept..

  • Pain changes everything –

I don’t remember much of a life before chronic pain, except running around and eating anything I wanted, and playing games all evening, and hanging out with friends until the sun came up. Chronic pain changes how we use our time and energy, what jobs if we are able to do, and every single relationship we have. Don’t want to take my word for it. Check out my Youtube channel at Youtube.com/c/SarahChicharro , You will thank me later.

  • Support is everything –

When I started having chronic pain, I had no one to turn to. I did not know what resources or what people to reach out to. I knew no one my age with chronic pain. How was I going to survive? When I started to connect with people suffering with chronic pain and chronic illness around the world on Youtube, IG, Facebook Page, WP Blog, and Live Me – I found awesome relationships, even better than most of the friends I know in person. People who experience chronic pain and chronic illness are the most compassionate and loving people I know. They also know how to listen and want to make the world a better place. They are also the strongest people I know.

When pain free people do not experience pain, they have no idea what hell is like. This weakens their perspective and thus makes them vulnerable to ignorance. I whisper to myself… I hope they never have to go through chronic pain. It is literally the worse thing ever, makes you feel like you want to die. Life is not worth living if one has pain everyday. For those that are pain free, I know you do not know what I am talking about, but maybe one day you will. By then, it may be too late for you to understand. If they knew what I know about chronic pain, pain free people would all step their game up and reach out to those suffering with chronic pain and chronic illness.

Having compassionate for others is easy for those who suffer the most, everyday, every hour.

Thanks for reading!!