Here we will talk about the 10 best ways on how to handle stressful situations, especially with what is going on currently today. The coronavirus has many people concerned about their health and also feeling anxious about the future. Trust me, because of being injured I know what this feels like. This is why I put this together for you.

  1. Reach out and Connect Online by Video or Chat with Friends and Family Members – I hope many of you out there are reaching out to your friends and family members. We are all going through a difficult time with isolation. I have FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts to video chat with my friends and family. We need to have conversations with people especially in stressful situations. We are all lucky to have internet that works well. If you are in a different country I hope that your internet is sufficient enough to connect with those that you love. I noticed many of friends do not reach out to me and I tend to be the first one to do so. It does take two to tango but putting yourself out there first is the best bet for contact. Just put the ball in their court and see how they respond to you. Once you have that awesome supportive chat or video, you will feel so much better. Trust me, I know! This is our first way to deal with a very stressful time.
  2. Prayer, Mediation, and Breathing Techniques – Speaking of stressful, oh my goodness! Now we need prayer more than anything. If prayer is not your go to, do not fear because we have other options. We really need to step back and take some time to sit in the present moment by doing deep breathing techniques. I have found this coping mechanism to help me so much especially when you are alone. When we have to take a moment to sit back and breathe, it takes time and effort. I find that it is well worth it in the end. Take a deep breath through your nose for 10 seconds and then out through your mouth for 20. How do you feel? See, I told you!
  3. Listen to Music or Podcast – If you have SiriusXM, you can immerse yourself in relaxing music or talk show. If you have Pandora, the app on your phone is amazing because it is FREE. I have “Classical for Studying Radio,” “Classical Solo Piano Radio,” “The Piano Guys Radio,” and “Disney Peaceful Piano Radio” stations. If interested, check out the “$1 for first month” offer SiriusXM link down below. I hope this finds you well. Pandora is another option. I know there are many choices on Pandora which can be overwhelming; this is a great thing. Also, you can pay $4.99/mo for ad free stations which I enjoy.
  4. Positive Words, Memes, and Affirmations – What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? What are you saying to yourself? Are the words kind? Are they rude? We must be kind to ourselves to be able kind to others. I often will look in the mirror and say positive affirmations, words like “You are Awesome,” “You are going to have a great day,” or “You will conquer the day!” These positive words are powerful. You may not realize what you are saying to yourself and it is important to be mindful. I will find memes on Instagram and save a few or even take one as a phone wallpaper. I enjoy sharing the positive messages I find and posting on my Facebook and IG stories.
  5. Go on a Walk or Run, Exercise, Stretch, or Join Online Exercise Class – Now, when was the last time you went on a walk or run. It is difficult during the time of quarantine. It is important that your body keeps moving. Because I have chronic pain, I have to remember to move even if it hurts or else my muscles will become stiff. Start with a heating pad to warm up your muscles, joints, and get your blood flowing. Next, do some stretching in a place where you have room like your living room or bedroom, or even in your backyard. Signing up for an online exercise class is also an option. Try to find some free classes that way you do not have to pay for them. Check out Meetup App. I have an account and currently I am joining in some free virtual exercise classes! You can always try to do a walk or run outside (of course, stay 6 ft away from people). Remember to continue to use social distancing! The CDC in the USA recommends this. If you have the option of using a treadmill at home, do that. It is a good way for me of remembering to do a walk, even if it is as short as 10 minutes. This is better than nothing. Since I deal with chronic pain, I am unable to walk long distances due to experiencing stabbing nagging knife like neck pain; also have upper back pain too. Pain is so debilitating but I try my best to stay active. I hope this gives you ideas.
  6. Play with Your Pet(s) – I love my dog and cat! I am sure if any of you have pets, they make our world a happier place. Just providing them with your time and care is a good place to start. My dog Lotus is pretty active and loves to play, getting as much as she can in the day. Sometimes I think she is only using me for playtime. LOL.
  7. Play a Game with Your Kids, Video Games, or Game System – I know many of you have kids and they need their game time. A good way is board games or smartphone games. If you have video games or a game system at home, you can use that too. I have a Playstation 4 and Oculus Quest game systems, and really get a lot of enjoyment out of them. Plus, the time tends to go by fast because you are having so much fun! You can always play multiplayer and play with other people in your household. Too bad you cannot visit or invite anyone over. Look forward to that in the future!
  8. Read Your Favorite Book or Magazine Online – If you have an audible audiobook account, you can listen to books or magazine online. You may have a library at home with your favorite books, you can start there. I am not much of a reader but I do enjoy audiobooks. Be sure to check out the link below to receive 50% off your first book on Audiobooks.
  9. Laugh out Loud – Watch Something Funny – I am sure you have heard of “laughter is the best medicine?” Well, I believe it to be so. It is important to laugh. This brings a smile to my face. Watch something funny on Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, or HBO. I always want to know about new favorite shows or movies. Send me a message.
  10. Join an Online Social Support Group – At times, we will be alone and have to face life. Online social support groups are a great way to vibe with those who are not only in the niche as you, but perhaps going through similar situations. For example, when I got into a car accident, I did not know who to turn to. Yes I did everything up there on that list but it started to get overwhelming so I looked into Facebook support groups. I have joined three online free chronic pain support groups and I will say from experience, that they are helpful. I have built a few friendships and learned from others who have gone through the chronic pain journey a lot longer than me. Similarities bring people together. This coronavirus situation is bringing the world together. Get involved in an online support group and find out yourself.

I hope you apply these ten helpful ways to deal with stressful situations, especially with what is going on currently today with the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks for reading!!


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