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What’s up, I’m Sarah and my struggle with chronic pain has led me to you. Here is my story. I was a Crossfitter and weightlifter. I graduated from nursing school in 2017, working nights as a Registered Nurse. But one evening while driving to work, I got hit by a vehicle who was not paying attention to the lights. As he ran the yellow flashing light, I was T-boned at 35-40 mph and suddenly my car spun in a circle and parked nearby the sidewalk of the intersection. This unfortunate car accident happened on 11/1/18. This crash has impacted my life.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Millions do and you are not alone. Chronic pain has affected my physical, mental, spiritual, and social well being bringing depression, anxiety, and isolation. I attend physical therapy once weekly. I perform physical therapy at home on the days I am not at physical therapy. I have several doctor appointments every month for spinal checkups, pain medication, and mental health. I get weekly deep massages for myofascial release in my neck, arms, shoulders, and back messages.

Eventually I had to quit working as a Registered Nurse due to the severe neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and right arm nerve pain that I experience everyday. I have not touched my Olympic bar at home since the day of my fatal car crash. My passions for weightlifting, snowboarding, and being active in sports are lost. Everyday, I am fighting this battle to get well and gain my life again as it once was!

Despite of everything, this tragedy brought me to create my very own Youtube channel (Sarah Chicharro) and Blogging website ( so I can show you my raw journey. I upload three videos on my Youtube channel and post written entries weekly on my Blog. I also upload often on my social media apps of everyday life.

I love chatting with chronic pain sufferers. My goal is to make a positive impact for others who deal with chronic pain &/or chronic illness and bringing out awareness through my life experiences. I know it is possible to live a full and positive life despite your current hard ships. Despite the odds, I am currently studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

I love chatting with chronic pain sufferers and talking with those who are going through these difficult times. Most people will not understand chronic pain if they do not experience it personally. I want you to know that you are not alone. I want to listen to you. I want to learn your story. I believe suffering from chronic pain is the MOST *difficult thing in this world.

Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Psychology 2009, Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2018. Currently working on my Master's of Science in Nursing 2023.

Be kind to yourself. Stay Connected.

**Come chat, follow and subscribe, and introduce yourself if you need someone to listen. My DMs are always open on IG (@SarahChicharro), Twitter (@SarahChicharro), FB fan page (@SarahChicharroFans), my Blog (, and my Youtube channel (Sarah Chicharro). You are not alone in your fight!

Thank you for all your love & support, and encouragement! You are so strong!

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